We are hosting a moped rally sort of thing at Acadia National Park in Maine.

The event starts May 19 at about noon and ends May 21 around the same time.

For those who have never been, this is a camping rally on Mount Desert Island where Acadia National Park is located. We camp at a private campground with a huge group site that can fit all the people we could possibly wrangle up. You don't need to book a site, but there will be $20 per person collected at the event for each person camping there.

There's no registration or booking of sites needed on your part. Just show up!

We won't be feeding everyone all weekend so be prepared to feed yourself, however we usually do a huge group feast Saturday night that involves a variety of things like fresh lobster, clams, grilled meats, fries, etc. which we also collect money for beforehand if interested. There may also be a freebie wienerfest happening again Friday night.

Temperatures this time of the year can vary so be prepared for anything from cold and wet to sunny and warm.

When you arrive at the campsite you need to check in at the main office and get a thing for your car and they're on our asses about speed so keep it to 5 MPH even on mopeds!

If you are a user of social media you can get more up to date information through the event page on Facebook. If you plan to attend and use the aforementioned social media site, it would be helpful if you expressed as such there.